About Friday, November 2nd Events

12:00 PM     Vinyl Cleaning, Restoration and Preservation, Charles Kirmuss, Kirmuss Audio

“We are all record and music lovers. We have a duty to preserve vinyl as with the advent of the CD most record houses destroyed their mother originals that were used for pressings. Many artists, production houses, sound engineers and musicians as well as the original studios and cutting houses are no longer around to remake those “oldies”. What is a Mother, what is a biscuit, discover how records are made, what affects records and how to properly maintain them as well as restore their original glory.”

Since 1979 Charles Kirmuss is an industry pioneer who has developed and launched many of the technologies commonly used today: digital video and audio recording, wireless and wired streaming data/video and telemetry, and  GPS for in hand situational awareness. Patent holder and as an audiophile since he was 6 years old building his own tube amplifiers and speaker enclosures he has resurrected his hobby and has by accident become a global authority in record conservation where over the last 4 years has developed a record restoration system and process. In his research, he has answered many myths as to record cleaning and conservation.  A session not to be missed.


3:00 PM       Who’s In Control?

Shayne Tenace of Tenacious Sound and David Solomon of Qobuz show “How modern technology can music social again”

Discover new music on the internet.  Share new music with family and friends on your killer stereo.  Do both without requiring a Ph.D. in IT. Discover how new technologies such as Chromecast Built-in can enable you (and many others) to use your favorite music apps, such as Qobuz, from your existing mobile devices to control your stereo.  Attendees will be welcome to participate as we play “dueling DJ” and share great tunes!

Shayne Tenace: Shayne is the owner of Tenacious Sound and co-owner of House of Stereo.  From an early age, he exhibited both a love for music and gear, participating in just about every type of musical performance /group available while earning his spending money through frequent DJ gigs.  College in New England and the many hifi stores in the region exposed him to the world of high-performance audio and his passion was ignited. These days, he doesn’t find any more pleasure than helping others discover how easy it can be to enjoy great tunes with friends and family on high-performance music systems.

David Solomon: As a musician, mixing engineer and all around music lover, David Solomon has made a career in the high-end audio industry for the last three decades. Currently on the launch team for Qobuz and duly named “Chief Hi-Res Music evangelist”, Solomon is in charge of building excitement, interest, and demand for hi-res streaming within the world of high-end audio.  This is familiar territory as he did the same for Tidal in 2014.

Solomon’s wide-spanning career stretches across talent acquisition, education, sales management, and business ownership, launching start-up companies and seeing them to success. Gear has always been a means to the end, which is now and has always been the finest in music reproduction.

Solomon says with a passion that Qobuz is his dream job and loves nothing more than getting people and companies involved with streaming a hi-res library that’s second to none in content and sound quality.