About Saturday, November 3rd Events

10:00 AM     Greg Viggiano, DC Hi-Fi Group – Best Practices for Cleaning Vinyl Records

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss various methodologies and determine best practices for the cleaning and restoring of vinyl phonographic sound recordings. Using uniform measures to determine effectiveness, various cleaning methodologies and chemical compounds will be discussed and the most effective chemistry for the vinyl cleaning process and a systematic process will be recommended for the removal of microcontaminants from the groove of the record.


11:00 AM – 12:30 PM  Mat and Harry Weisfeld, VPI Industries:

Father and son demonstration on turntable and tonearm set up

A fun and informative demonstration of cartridge mounting,  VTF, VTA, Azimuth, and the different types of tonearms and lengths and how they apply to turntables.  Harry also describes overall turntable construction/design and different types of methodology. We cover as many different types of turntables as we can so it is not only about VPI design.


1:00 PM       Dr. Rob Robinson, Director of Engineering, Channel D:  What is a “Current Mode” Phono preamplifier? Understanding phono cartridge electrical specifications

A “new” type of phono stage design has emerged on the high-end audio scene. Called “current mode” (a.k.a. transimpedance), it is actually not a new method of phono amplification but has recently been receiving attention in the audio press. It turns out that current mode offers some surprising advantages when used with low output moving coil cartridges.

For example, a current mode phono stage does not need to supply a load resistance to the cartridge, so there is no fiddling around with load resistance settings. Even better, a current mode phono stage can actually reduce the cartridge’s required tracking force!

How can the type of phono preamp possibly affect the tracking force? The presentation will answer that and other questions and explore the differences between “new” current mode and “old” voltage mode phono stages, including their advantages and disadvantages. As a bonus, we will also learn how to interpret the seemingly arcane technical electrical information listed in a phono cartridge spec sheet.


2:00 – 3:30 PM       The Virtues of Vintage

Art Dudley of Stereophile Magazine Moderate with a panel of experts:  Lenny Florentine of Just Audio; Early Bender of HiFiTown.com (formerly Audiomart); and the Notorious Blackie Pagano

For the popular “Virtues of Vintage” seminar, we will display photographs/images of seminal vintage gear. Art will lead the first half of the program, and will assist in offering questions for the panel. Drawing from our panel the answers to such questions as What advantages do vintage components have over contemporary products? What are today’s greatest vintage bargains? and What are some of the maintenance and repair challenges facing vintage enthusiasts? The second half of our program will be devoted to answering questions from the audience.

Art Dudley: Art Dudley began his career in publishing in 1978, as an editorial assistant at Backpacker Magazine, and his first job in hi-fi journalism came in 1985, when he worked as the Managing Editor of The Absolute Sound. In 1994 he founded Listener Magazine, whose contributors included Herb Reichert and Harvey Rosenberg. Beginning in 2003, Art Dudley’s columns and reviews have been published in Stereophile Magazine, where he now serves as Deputy Editor. He lives in upstate New York.

Lenny Forentine: Lenny is VP of Sales & Marketing at Just Audio Repair Center in Baltimore, MD and also runs Just-Audio.com and social media outlets for Just Audio. He specializes in hifi picking and restoration. He is constantly networking with other vintage audio collectors, technicians, and pickers throughout the US with a common goal of preserving vintage equipment for a new generation of enthusiasts.

Early Bender: Mentored by his father Walt Bender, Early’s immersion into audio began long ago. Walt was a pioneering audiophile, writer and technician. Together they consistently discovered superior detail and realism amidst anachronistic sound reproduction gear. The family once operated a unique audio trading club, Audiomart. Later returning to their passion, founding HiFiTown.com, an online store selling old HiFi and 1920s – 60s audio parts, horns, transformers, tubes, and speakers. These days Early is excited to advise and equip avid audiophiles looking to experiment and build with the best audio from the golden age.

Blackie Pagano: Established 1957. Hats were worn, in order of evolution: Music lover. Guitar and bass player, acoustic and electric. Audio enthusiast. Rider. Roadie. Live sound engineer mixing rock bands and jazz festivals. Recording engineer / co-producer, analog era. Maintenance engineer for analog recording studios on the cusp of the first professional digital recordings. Established a repair/restoration shop for tube audio devices of all types in 1989 (still in operation). Builder of high-performance tube audio. Always searching for the next level.

Joe Roberts: Joe Roberts is an anthropologist, archaeologist, and once-editor/founder of Sound Practices Magazine. A long-time student of vintage pro gear and ferocious promoter of old-school tube DIY, today Joe can be found hanging out in the Silbatone Museum Collection of Western Electric gear in Korea or demoing 90-year-old theater horns at the Munich High-End show, when not busy trolling various audio forums with his trademark alternative jive.


4:00 – 5:00 PM – Eric Franklin Shook (Part-Time Audiophile) and David Blumenstein (Dagogo) in a One-on-One Discussion: Talking Heads: Start Making Sense of Hi-Fi’s Past, Present & Future”

Prepare yourself for an inter-generational no-holds-barred, frank discussion of HiFi as an industry, a hobby, a way of life.

Eric Franklin Shook and David Blumenstein will explore Hi-Fi as an industry and as a hobby. How did it get where it is today?  How can it continue? What role does the enthusiast play? and What of the manufacturers/dealers and their roles?

Eric Franklin Shook and David Blumenstein are staff members of Part-Time Audiophile and Dagogo respectively. They are both long-time Hi-Fi hobbyists, audiophiles, and enthusiasts. This session came about as a result of countless discussions about the very topic between the two of them, on the phone, online and in person at Hi-Fi shows.