About Sunday, November 4th Events

1:00 PM     Matthew Barton, Library of Congress

A Tour de Formats: How do you play this stuff?

Matt presents an informal history of sound formats, including commercial releases and field recordings from the 1890s on, as well as classic radio broadcasts and other audio gems, all with an eye (ear?) towards demonstrating just how good old recordings can actually sound and how much underappreciated and under-utilized audio there is out there.

MATTHEW BARTON has been Curator of Recorded Sound at the Library of Congress’s Packard Campus for Audiovisual Conservation since 2008. In May 2018, he concluded a two-year term as president of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. He has written extensively on recorded music and sound for the Boston Globe, Street Beat magazine, and was production coordinator for the Alan Lomax Collection compact disc series on Rounder Records from 1996 to 2003.