Exhibitor LogoExhibitor NameRoomProducts/Brands and Other Info.
20/20 Evolution Systems523Gryphon Pandora (Ref. Pre-Amp)
Gryphon Sonett (Phono stage)
Gryphon Kalliope (Ref. Dac)
Gryphon Scorpio S (CD Player)
Gryphon Antileon Evo ( Stereo Ref. Amp)
Gryphon Pantheon (Ref. Loud Speaker
Gryphon Diablo 300 (Ref Integrated Amp
With Dac Module (Available on hand)
Gryphon Mojo S (Bookshelf speakers (Available on hand)

Kuzma Stabi (R) Turntable
Kuzma 4 Point 9in Arm with silver/gold crystal cables.
Kuzma CAR-30 Cartridge

TechDas: Turntable (Available on hand)
Air Force III premium turntable

ReVox/Sonours: Audio Tape Player
Music collection from the Tape Projects

Aurender: Music servers
Aurender N10
Aurender A10 (Available on hand)

Kimber Kable: KS Select
Torus Power:
Avr 20

Artesania Audio:
EXOTREYC Rack 3+3 Levels Tandem (Black)
PLATFORM KRION Turntable stand (Black)
AIRE FLOOR Platform Amp Stand (Black)

Amphion Loudspeakers509
Arion Audio521The Apollo System
Full Range Line Source Dipole Loudspeakers
ARSC AudioHallway
ASONA 551 and 552--Room 551--
BC Acoustique
Pier Audio
Russell K
Analysis Plus
D-Stream Audio
Pylon Audio

--Room 552--
Pathos Acoustics
Audio EnvyAtrium
Bache Audio305
Backert Labs525
Benchmark Media SystemsJacksonTwo AHB2 Amplifiers in monoblock configuration, a DAC3B digital-to-analog converter, and a LA4 preamplifier with 256 step attenuator relay gain control. Music will be provided using an Aurender N10 high-resolution network streamer.
Black Ice Audio/Jolida537Black Ice F 360 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with the SSX and hi/lo frequency control
Black Ice F 35 Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier 2 x 60 watts
Black Ice F159 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier with the XTR
Black Ice Fusion DAC DSD Transport
VPI Scout Turntable
Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand Speakers

F 11 Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier 2 x 20 watts: for display purposes and demonstrating the unique design of an imbedded tube headphone amp.
Bob's DevicesAtrium
Border Patrol316
Cash For MusicAtriumWe Pay Top Dollar for Rare Records and CDs. Trusted for 30 years. Free appraisals. We travel the world for Records and Cds. Jazz, Soul, Psychedelic Rock, Rap, Folk, Northern Soul, Soundtracks, and Blues.
CD CellarAtrium
Channel DRegencyPure Music and Pure Vinyl computer audio software; Seta high performance rechargeable battery powered phono preamplifiers
Charney Audio530Voxativ
AER Loudspeakers
Chris Hite RecordsAtrium
Classic Audio LoudspeakersRooseveltClassic Audio Loudspeakers
Atma-Sphere Music Systems
Tri-Planar Tone Arms
Purist Audio Designs
Command Performance AV531, 532, 533, 536 and Atrium--Room 531--
Naim Uniti
Focal Kanta Speakers
EAT Turntable

--Room 532--
Lifestyle Lounge
Focal Headphones
Naim MU-SO
Astell & Kern

--Room 533--
Naim Classic Electronics
Dynaudio Speakers
J. Sikora Turntable

--Room 536--
Doshi Audio Electronics
Devore Fidelity
Transparent Cables
J. Sikora Turntable
and 516
Daedalus Ardio ZEUS Speakers
Lampizator Server and DAC

LTA Microzotl AMP and Preamp

--Room 516--
Wells Audio AMP and Preamp
DC Area Audiophiles & High End Home Theater EnthusiastsHallway
DC HiFi Group and 550Gershman Acoustics Studio 2 speakers
Studio Electric M4 Speakers
Creek 100A Integrated Amp
Creek 100CD CD Player DAC
DejaVu Audio501 and 505--Room 501--
Deja Vu Audio Vintage Collection

--Room 505--
Harbeth, Synthesis, Conrad Johnson, Synthesis, and Lector
Destination Audio549
Dr Vinyl301Larsen 9 Speakers
Renaissance Mark V Preamp
Phi 170 In Mono configuration
Döhmann Helix 2
Schroeder Cp Arm
Sutherland Engineering
Phono Loco
Enklein Cables
David Power cords and Speaker wires
Zephir 2 interconnects
Top Wing
Blue Dragon Cartridge
Levin Design
El Suprimo RecordsAtrium
Elusive DiscAtriumImpex Records
Nitty Gritty
Audio Wave
Sieveking Sound
Camilio Records
Groove Note Records
Everything Audio NetworkHallway
Fern & RobyTwinbrookLTA, Black Cat Cable
Fidelis AV323Harbeth Loudspeakers, Rogers High Fidelity, and Accusound Cables
Fritz Speakers312Carrera loudspeakers
Etsuro Urushi
Audio Skies
Pear Audio Blue
Top Wing Cartridge
Dr Vinyl
Top Wing
Levin Design
Gingko AudioMonroe
Gryphon Audio523
GT AudioworksFrederickPass Labs
Semper Sonus
Triode Wire Labs
HiFi Sales508VPI Industries (Exclusive Debut of the new HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable)
Genesis Advanced Technologies MAESTRO Loudspeakers & Genesis Interconnects
Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH SP Digital Stereo Purifier
Audio Technica EXCELLENCE Dealer featuring the ART-1000 Phono Cartridge/ ATH-ADX5000 Headphones
Aqua HiFi LaScala DAC
Audio Hungary- Qualiton A50i Integrated Amp and Phono Preamp
Gigawatt PC4-EVO Power Processing and Management
Qobuz High Resolution Streaming Music Service
aqua acoustic quality
High Fidelity Cables538 and 540
Hollis Audio LabsPlaza IDanville Signal Processing Equipment:
The Megaliths speakers, The Monoliths speakers. Hollis Audio Labs MS-3 PC Music Server, Danville Signal dspMusikLCD 2x8 and 2x16, Pasasound Halo A23 amps, Parasound ZAmp v.3, Rythmik Audio HX300 Servo Sub amps, Rythmik Audio HX800 Servo Sub amps, PI Audio Group MiniBUSS/DigiBUSS/UberBUSS/BlunderBUSS, Triode Wire Lab Custom Power Cables, GIK Acoustic Treatment, PI Audio Diffusors
IMC Audio544VPI Industries
Prime Signature Turntable with JWM Arm
Wolf Audio Systems Alpha 3 Music Server
PASS Labs XA-30.8 Amplifier
Audience Cables AU24 sx
Symposium Acoustics Foundation Ultra Rack
Audio Desk Systems Vinyl Cleaner PRO (The Cable Company)
Janszen LoudspeakersAtriumWorld's first portable electrostatic headphones. David Janszen will be demonstrating final, pre-production prototypes. Indiegogo campaign coming soon. Last chance to make suggestions.
Just Audio/Ideal ElectronicsAtriumWe will be showcasing Vintage Audio!
Kirmuss AudioAtriumWe are all record and music lovers. We have a duty to preserve vinyl as with the advent of the CD most record houses destroyed their mother originals hat were used for pressings. Many artists, production houses, sound engineers and musicians as well as the original studios and cutting houses are no longer around to remake those “oldies”. What is a Mother, what is a biscuit, discover how records are made, what affects records and how to properly maintain them as well as restore their original glory.
Legacy AudioMontgomeryLeesburg Listening Room
Linear Tube Audio526 and HallwayLTA microZOTL Preamplifier
LTA Ultralinear Power Amplifier
Spatial Audio M3 Hologram
M-A RecordingsAtrium
Magnan CablesMontrose
Martin LoganJacksonRenaissance ESL 15A hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker system.
The speakers will be driven by electronics from Benchmark Media Systems. Music will be provided using an Aurender N10 high-resolution network streamer. Cabling throughout the system includes Benchmark speaker and interconnect cables
McGary Audio512Salk Sound, ANTICABLES, and Exogal
ModWright Instruments312KWA 150SE Solid State Amplifier
LS300 Balanced Tube Pre-Amplifier
PH 9.0 Tube Phono Stage
Carrera 7 BE Loudspeakers by Fritz Speakers
The Montrose Turntable by Fern & Roby
Hana SL Cartridge
Zu Audio Mission Series Cables
Pangea Audio Vulcan Turntable Stand, 4 Shelf with Vinyl Storage
Music HallRegency
Mytek DigitalHallway
Symphonic Line
Magan Cables
Ohm AcousticsLibrary
Old Forge Audio325Wand Plus 10.3" tonearm, Wand 14-4 turntable, Pure Audio Vinyl phono stage, Pure Audio control 2 pre-amp, Pure Audio Mono Reference amps, Acapella LaCampanella 2 speakers, Innuos Zenith MkII music server, Aqua Formula xHD DAC, EMT JSD Lime cartridge, Auditorium 23 T2 SUT and cables
Pass LabsFrederick (With GT Audioworks)
Prana Distribution LLCPlaza III, 517, and 519--Room 517--
System 1
Boenicke Audio (W5)
Crayon Audio (CIA-T)
Vermeer Audio (Vermeer Audio 2)

--Plaza III--
System 1

Soul Sonic Hologramm X
Audionec SDV5-S Server/DAC
Grandinote Demone MonoBlocks
Grandinote Genesi Preamp
Verastarr Grand Illusion Statement Cables
Pure Power Conditioning

System 2
Thrax Reference System
Thrax Lyra/Bassus Full Range System
Thrax Spartacus 300B Reference Monoblocks
Thrax Dionysos Preamp
CEC - TL 0 3.0 Belt Drive Transport
CEC DA - 0 3.0
All EnKlein Cables

Static Display-
Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Statement
Trafomatic Primavera Reference Headphone Amp. 811.10
PureAudioProjectAdams and Jefferson
QOBUZAtriumCapital Audiofest’s Official Hi-Res Music Service
Raven AudioMontgomery
Refined Audio541
Rogers High Fidelity323
Rollo Audio521Lamm, Aqua Acoustic Quality, Innuos, SGR, Gigawatt and Arion
Salk Sound512
Semper SonusFrederick (With GT Audioworks)
Sonner Audio558
SOTA TurntablesAtriumNova, Cosmos, Sapphire, and Comet
Sound InsightFrederickGT Audioworks
Pass Labs
Semper Sonus
Triode Wire Labs
Spatial Audio526LTA microZOTL Preamplifier
LTA Ultralinear Power Amplifier
Spatial Audio M3 Hologram
Symbol AudioAtriumDovetail Audio Rack; Unison Record Stand; Dovetail Vinyl Storage Cabinet; AERO Cabinet Program; Dovetail Record Crate
Tenacious SoundLincoln,
315, 317, and 319
--Lincoln Room--
TAD Evolution Towers (*World Premiere*)
Coda System 150 (*World Premiere*)
Balanced Audio REX Pre & DAC
Audience Front Row Cables (*World Premiere*)
TAD Compact Evolution Monitors
TAD M1000 Amp (*World Premiere*)
Wolf Audio

--Room 315--
Quad Artera Solus (*North American Premiere*)
Quad S4
Wharefedale Diamond 11.4
Primare Prisma
Mofi Electronics

--Room 317--
Quad S1
Quad Vena II

--Room 319--
Quad Z3
Unison Research Due (*World Premiere*)
Mofi Electronics
Coda Model 8 (*World Premiere*)
Primare Pre35
Audience Ohno Supreme (*World Premiere*)
Wolf Audio
The Audio CompanyPotomac
The Voice That IsTruman and WilsonTrusted Dealer representing Ultimate High End products: Antipodes Audio, Bel Canto Black, Bricasti Design, Dynamic Design, Skogrand, TIDAL Audio, Transfiguration, TW-Acustic

"Music is the most powerful language we have."
Triode Wire LabsFrederick and 316
Tweak StudioAtrium
Valve Amplification Company (VAC)PotomacVAC
Von Schweikert
MasterBuilt cable
Esoteric digital
Critical Mass Systems racks
AirTight cartridge

Dealer: The Audio Company
Vinyl Revivers554, 556 and 558--Room 554--
KEF Q350
KEF R3 Initial East Coast Show debut
KEF R5 Initial East Coast Show debut
KEF Reference Ones
Parasound P6 pre-amp brand new initial East Coast Show debut
Parasound JC5 brand new initial East Coast Show debut
Parasound JC3+ phono stage
Parasound Zpre 3
Parasound ZM250
Parasound Phono XRM new phono stage
Parasound HINT6 Integrated Amp-East Coast Show debut.
Project Debut Carbon turntable
Ortofon Cartridge
Solid Steel Equipment Rack
Straightwire speaker cables and interconnects
Isotek Power Conditioners
Pro-Ject X-tension 10 turntable
Innuos Zenith Mk2 Music Server
Oppo UDP 205 4 K Blu-Ray Player

--Room 556--
Mobile Fidelity Ultratracker Turntable
Mobile Fidelity Studiodeck Turntable
Mobile Fidelity Studio Phono Stage
Little Fwend Universal Tonearm Lifter
Project RS Phono Stage
Quad Artera Pre-Amp
Quad Stereo Amp
Quad Z4 Speakers
Quad S2 Speakers
Quad S1 Speakers
Quad Classic 2 Amps
Quad QC24 Pre-amp
Solid Steel Rack
Pangea Rack
Pangea Speaker Stands
Primare I35
Isotek Power Conditioners
Straightwire Cables and Interconnects
Wharfedale Diamond 210 speakers
Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers
Wharfedale Diamond 225 speakers
Mobile Fidelity Records
Classic Records
Audiodesk Record Cleaning Machine

--Room 558--
Sonner Audio Legato Unum
Sonner Audio Legato Duo
Parasound JC3 Jr. Phono Stage
Parsound P7 Pre-amp
Parasound A21 Amp
SOTA Moonbeam Turntable
Solid Steel Rack
Furutech Power Conditioner
Mytek Manhattan Pre-Amp DAC
Accuphase E270 Integrated Amp
Rogers High Fidelity 65V-1 Integrated Amp
Innuous Music Server
Mytek Brooklyn DAC
Mytek Brooklyn Power Amp
Straightwire Speaker Wire and Interconnects
VK Music560 and Hallway
Volti Audio316
Von SchweikertPotomac
VPIAdams and Jefferson--Jefferson--
Wilson Audio
Nordost Cable
Moon by SimAudio

--Adams Room--
Luminous Audio
Pure Audio Project
VPI 40th Anniversary Turntable
Well Pleased AV504aqua acoustic quality
QLN Prestige Three
Linnenberg Telemann/LISZT
Innuos Zenith MKIII
Gigawatt PC-1
SGR rack
Wells Audio516
Wolf Audio / House of StereoDemocracyRogers High Fidelity
Studio Electric
Zu AudioEisenhower
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