MartinLogan with Benchmark Media Systems and Everything Audio Network

MartinLogan is proud to announce they will be demonstrating the Renaissance ESL 15A hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker system at the East Coast’s Premier Audio Expo, 2018 Capital Audiofest. With the help of John Gatski, publisher at the Everything Audio Network review blog, MartinLogan’s Renaissance ESL 15A speakers will be driven by electronics from Benchmark Media Systems, including two AHB2 amplifiers in monoblock configuration, a DAC3B digital-to-analog converter, and a LA4 preamplifier with 256 step attenuator relay gain control. Music will be provided using an Aurender N10 high-resolution network streamer. Cabling throughout the system includes Benchmark speaker and interconnect cables. In addition to Rory Rall from Benchmark, MartinLogan sales manager Dennis Chern will be on hand providing demonstrations and answering questions.

Come see us in the Jackson Room 

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