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And the Winner is....



The raffle-giveaways were historic this year with the Mark Audio/VPI/PS Audio/CAF System
givaway giveaway. Read about it here...


“Capital Audiofest would like to congratulate the starter system raffle winner consisting of MarkAudio-SOTA’s
Tozzi One Loudspeakers, a PS Audio Sprout integrated amp, and a Cliffwood Turntable from VPI!
Pictured here with Dwight Sakuma (MarkAudio-SOTA), Mat Weisfeld (VPI), and Garry Gill (Capital Audiofest)!”

Capital Audiofest raffle winner, Bill Leeger! Bill (second from left) went home with a Sprout Integrated Amp from
PS Audio, a Cliffwood Turntable from VPI, and a set of Tozzi One Loudspeakers from MarkAudio-SOTA.
Pictured here (center) with our cosponsors, Mat Weisfeld of VPI, Gary Gill of Capital Audiofest, and our very own
Dwight Sakuma representing MarkAudio-SOTA!”
Bill is local hailing from Burtonsville, MD.

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